SELF Magazine Destroyed On Social Media For Mocking Cancer Survivor

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SELF magazine is not getting any social love today, after a rather clumsy misstep of theirs went viral — in a regular column in which the rag mocks things for which it does not approve, cancer survivor and runner Monika Allen was blasted for donning a tutu while running.

Allen was doubly horrified by the SELF debacle when she discovered the tone of the pic’s commentary (her runner badge reads “die tumor die”), as she believed the coverage was intended to be positive and added that she “couldn’t wait to send copies of the magazine to [her] dad and [her] in-laws.”

In a section titled “The BS Meter,” SELF magazine’s editors sniffed:

“A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC’s Central Park, and it’s all because people think these froufrou skirts make you run faster. Now, if you told us they would make people run away from you faster, we might believe it.”

Over on Facebook, the page Glam Runner — from whom SELF obtained the shot — reports that the mag apologized for their “snarky” treatment of the image.

Earlier, they’d explained:

“The real story behind this photo is that Tara and Monika, pictured here, are board members for Girls on the Run San Diego. They founded Glam Runner, a business that sells running tutus, to raise funds for the council. They are dedicated to helping grow the program in their community. The real story behind this photo is that the awesome duo were running the LA Marathon while Monika was receiving chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer.”

The page posted this evening:

Prior, they’d said:

The mag also posted to address the controversy:

While SELF has said “sorry,” the story continues to irritate social media users, and some have pledged to stop purchasing or subscribing to the fitness publication.



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