Scumbag Martin Shkreli Gets 7 Years in Prison, Justice Sometimes Works

Here is a quick Martin Shkreli 101 for those who don’t know. Works for big pharma, buys out drug companies and raises the prices of AIDS and Cancer medication to the point where the modern human would be, I kid you not, paying two hundred dollars a pill a DAY to keep themselves alive. He also loved that the world hated him and embraced it by being more and more vile the more the spotlight hit him.

Well, the next thing that is gonna hit him will be from behind and I don’t think he will like it as much, seeing as to how the most uppity, smarmy, piece of human waste just got sentenced to seven years in prison. Please excuse me while I walk away from this article for a minute and just laugh for twenty minutes that karma came back and bit Martin Shkreli on the ass.

And it gets better.

He has to pay back $7.4 MILLION dollars and here is the best part. Shkreli bought the only copy of a one of a kind Wu-Tang Clan album (which disgusted most of the world as he was not worthy) and he is being forced to GIVE IT BACK!


  • Convicted fraudster Martin Shkreli is sentenced for securities fraud related to two hedge funds he ran and to his former drug company Retrophin.

  • Shkreli already has been ordered to forfeit almost $7.4 million, and give up his ownership of a one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album because of his crimes.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. This is  maybe the greatest dose of karma I have ever witnessed and it does very much validate that karma IS real.

Enjoy your prison stay, pretty boy. God knows your bunk mates will.




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