SCAM ALERT: Sale of Fake COVID-19 ‘Vaccine Cards’ Prevalent Online

The black market is selling the latest hot commodity – fake COVID-19 ‘vaccine cards’, and people are swarming up to buy them. These cards are sold blank or forged over various e-commerce sites. These had become trending on multiple social media platforms as well. These fake vaccine cards have been sold online since the beginning of the year but have increased in sales since plans on travel restriction were announced.

FBI Warns against fake ‘vaccine cards’

The FBI has released a warning against sellers of fraudulent COVID-19 vaccination cards. The falsified document has become trending online after it has appeared on sale on multiple platforms. Knock-offs have been found on eBay, Shopify, and even Etsy. Sales had been made on Facebook and TikTok as well. Horrifyingly, there are even resources online that provide “DIY tips and tricks” on how to print fake vaccination cards at home.

Both the buyer and the seller will receive penalties and punishment for transactions involving the fake vaccine cards. Reproducing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention logo fraudulently is against federal law.

Image by hakan german from Pixabay

Warnings from the FBI

Not only are citizens warned about the prevalence of fake vaccination cards, but they are also warned against posting photos of their vaccine cards on social media. These preventive acts could not only protect sensitive, personal information but can also put a stop to counterfeiters creating and updating these fake vaccine cards. The FBI also warns against making DIY vaccine cards. On top of that, the FBI also warns citizens to avoid putting false information on this document.

Why do people buy?

The federal government is supplying the vaccines to its citizens for free and registration for the shot is made easier for people to access. On top of that, many businesses are giving incentives to Americans who will have themselves vaccinated. Now, the important question is, why are people still swarming up to buy these fake vaccination cards?

In recent weeks, there was news that the vaccine card may become a requirement for travel. It may also be required for attending conferences, events, and other mass gatherings. Even though the vaccine is encouraged, it is not mandatory and people may still opt-out of getting themselves shot. Turning the vaccine card into a requirement may make traveling complicated for many Americans.

Online stores selling Fake ‘vaccine cards’ now closed

Together with the recent announcement from the FBI, these e-commerce companies have also set up guidelines and measures to find fraudulent sellers on their platforms. Thousands of accounts have been blocked or deleted, for selling and advertising fake cards.

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