#SaveKessab Campaign Gathers Pace as Blink 182’s Travis Barker Gives Support

The campaign to save the Syrian Armenian town of Kessab gathered pace today as Blink 182’s Travis Barker gave support.

Along with posting a #SaveKessab picture to his Instagram account, Barker wrote:

#StopGenocide #SaveKessab I have a lot of Armenian friends I love & support that are like #FAMILY to me@mrfamouscheese @r_men818 @famous_crow#ISupport

Campaign supporters have been targeting celebrities and politicians alike on Twitter in an attempt to get the word out about a story most of the mainstream media is ignoring.

As we wrote yesterday, the town was over run by Al-Qaeda aligned militants on March 21st.

Reports are mixed on how many people were killed, with the most common number quoted being 80. The town has been looted, along with Christian churches being desecrated and destroyed.

The town of Kessab has a strong historical significance for Armenians worldwide as the town was a center of forced deportation during Turkish Armenian genocide of 1915. The town was also part of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia in the 11th century.

To join the campaign tweet the hashtag #savekessab on Twitter.

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