Sasha Obama Yawn Sparks Twitter Frenzy

sasha obama yawn

Sasha Obama yawned today. I know, exciting right? The simple act spurred a media frenzy as Twitter users tried to figure out why the First Daughter was so bored during her father’s inauguration speech.

  1. Sasha has heard the speech 100 times before while sitting around the White House.
  2. The 11-year-old was expecting to sleep in on Martin Luther King Day.
  3. Or maybe all of the talk about equality and bipartisanship and taxes were a little above her 11-year-old head.

According to The Atlantic Sasha Obama’s yawn came as the President was saying:

“No single person can train all the math and science teachers we’ll need to equip our children for the future, or build the roads and networks and research labs that will bring new jobs and businesses to our shores. Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation, and one people.”


Sasha was probably just a little tired but that doesn’t mean that she won’t be hearing about that yawn for years to come.

What did you think about Sasha Obama’s yawn?



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