Roi Koi Launches Social Leaderboard For Professionals

Roi koi

Roi Koi is a leaderboard that lets people anonymously rate the people they know based on a simple criteria, if they would hire that person to work at a job with them.

This is essentially a simplified way to crowdsource recommendations and get a glance at what someone’s personality may be like.

Roi Koi isn’t a perfect solution for assessing potential hires but it is a rating system nonetheless which could provide accurate indications on whether or not a person may be worth hiring.

There are many things to think about when searching for a candidate for a job, but it doesn’t just start at employer. What about if a friend or acquaintance is asking for a referral at your job?

The person could be fun to hang out with but be inconsistent with work deadlines. Maybe they seem sane when hanging around for short periods of time but over long periods of time are known to have responsibility issues.

These are just a few of the ways that most of us assess people’s behaviors before making big decisions on them.

Roi Koi’s goal however, is to just create a dead simple leaderboard for professionals who may have trouble standing out in the oversaturated social media platforms such as LinkedIn.



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