Rob Ford Goes To NFL Game, Maybe Steals Singer’s Seat

Rob Ford Attends NFL Game

Oh, Rob Ford. It wasn’t smoking crack or death threats this time, but the notorious Toronto Mayor still made headlines on Sunday when he was spotted attending the Falcons-Bills game in Toronto on Sunday. While it’s not news to see Ford, an NFL fan, at a football game, it is news that the controversial politician reportedly stole Matt Mays seat.

The buzz began with fans taking photos of and with Rob Ford as proof the embattled mayor was actually at the game.

But Ford’s trip to the game wasn’t without controversy. Indie rocker Matt Mays took to Twitter to claim that the politician stole his seat. Here’s an excerpt of his freak out moment.

The situation eventually resolved itself. Matt Mays didn’t go into any details, but he did tweet to his 16,013 fans:

Considering Mayor Ford’s alleged seat-stealing charade, we’re guessing his controversy is far from over.

[Image by West Annex News]



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