Reddit’s R/FacebookCleavage Is Where Your Facebook Friends Violate You Repeatedly

facebookcleavage pics

A Daily Dot post today directed a bright light at the subreddit r/FacebookCleavage, where anonymous Reddit users creeptastically save and share their Facebook friends’ semi-private information.

First, you should know that r/FacebookCleavage is not at all new — it’s been on Reddit for at least a year. Furthermore, the sub isn’t technically taking information that isn’t shared, it’s merely taking Facebook photos locked to friends only, and disseminating them to a wider audience.

And in the larger conversation about r/FacebookCleavage, mangry creeps are near certain to insist that women are at fault for posting their pictures to Facebook. However, can we all admit that it’s entirely shitty for your friends on Facebook to take your pictures and post them to a public forum without your knowledge and permission, even though everyone knows people can do it and indeed do on occasion do it?

It’s sort of like suggesting no one should ever have a party because some party guests are known to abuse hospitality.

Today, r/FacebookCleavage was also featured on Jezebel, where the following disappointing exchange was screenshotted to illuminate the tone in that particular subreddit:


As the Daily Dot points out, r/FacebookCleavage is an basically unfortunate continuation of a long-honored Reddit tradition involving the open sharing of material involving non-consenting women. And while we concede the activity of posting openly provided (to a limited audience) material is likely not actionable by any of these entities, we’d love for once to see a subreddit like this where the violating behavior was at least handled in a friendly manner — not the cruel, dismissive, and consent-trampling conversation occuring on lots of r/FacebookCleavage as we speak.



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