Reddit Users Share Their Vision For A Perfect World

reddit perfect world

Over on Reddit, a thread titled “In a perfect world, what kind of things would you expect to happen?” has garnered a lot of interest and many upvotes — with users sharing their greatest wishes for an ideal planet Earth.

As you can imagine (since it’s Reddit), geekery abounds — in fact, the current top reply is internet-specific, by u/Amish_Grinder and currently standing at 2034 upboats:

“When I click ‘Remember me’ or ‘Keep me signed in’ that it would for once.”

Ain’t that the truth, Amish_Grinder. Would that we all lived in that world. U/mypenisonthefloor is at 1576 upboats with an even more ambitious plea, lamenting:

“One wipe. Every time.”

U/AmericanWillis was clearly inspired by Leroy Jetson:

“That I could change clothes as quickly as Sim can. twirl

Some suggestions were eminently doable — like this one, from u/SnipeyMcSnipe:

“10 hot dogs in a package and 10 buns in a package. I can only dream.”

To which Social News Daily adds, “amen, brotha.”

U/nommingdino ostensibly spoke up for r/twoxchromosomes, adding:

“Instead of periods to know we aren’t pregnant, mother nature would just send us a letter that says ‘Not pregnant. Try again next month.’ ”

U/abundantplums replies:

“Ooh, and how about infertility is only a thing voluntarily! Like, nobody who wants a baby struggles, and people who don’t want a baby don’t have to do anything about it.”

Some suggestions were really, really useful, too — like fellow Chrome user u/rafe230:

“People would not search ‘google’ in a Google search bar.”

snoo perfect world

And u/_just_a_username, too:

“One charger. For everything.”

U/BeachGlassBlazer got a bit meta:

“Nothing. In a perfect world we wouldnt have expectations.”

And for u/gizmoat17’s subsequent joke, we weren’t able to edit that:

“Yeah! Or apostrophes!”

You can read Reddit’s entire perfect world wishlist here.

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