Reddit Introduces Headdit, Possibly Free Reddit Gold

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Have you seen Reddit’s Headdit? A blog post on the official site has announced the “new feature,” which enables you to experience a truly hands free Reddit browsing session.

According to Reddit’s Headdit blog post, the features of the “revolutionary hand equivalent action detection” add-on can be activated by clicking the main page’s “Headdit” graphic, seen in the bottom right corner.

Activation pulls in your installed cam, and indeed seems to track facial motions to record “upnods” and “frownvotes,” even featuring “cat mode,” which we’re too lazy to track down the kitty and test.

Reddit’s u/powerlanguage notes that on the social web’s sneakiest day, Reddit is indeed not pulling our legbeards with tomfoolery, explaining:

“On the first of April many companies indulge in some japery that plays off their core product, simultaneously lampooning their own image while demonstrating their creativity and bonhomie … But not all of you are fools, and as you no doubt know: reddit is serious business. As such, we are using this day to furnish you with an experience that will figuratively make your facial muscles sore.”

Neat unconfirmed Headdit feature: allegedly, if you balance something on your head for 60 seconds, you get Reddit Gold free. Also, allegedly, we at Social News Daily are really shitty balancers.

One Redditarian, u/OriginalGiovanni, reports:

“If you balance something on your head for 60 seconds, you get Reddit Gold! … Edit/Tip: Sometimes the object you are trying to balance doesn’t get recognized by your camera right away, so try to balance things that have a definitive outline. Also, maybe back away from your camera to make sure that the object is totally visible. The gold won’t show up right away, but you should get a confirmation message if you did it right.”

ETA: Despite balancing several items on our heads for way more than 60 seconds and seeing a gold star cross the screen, we have yet to receive Reddit Gold. Still, many users posting appear to have Gold, so if you don’t mind feeling completely stupid for a minute or so, still worth a shot.

To use Reddit’s Headdit, allow access after enabling via the instructions above — and let us know in the comments if you’re able to secure Reddit Gold free!

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