Redditor Eats His Hat (Literally) After Losing $1,000 Bitcoin Bet [Video]

redditor eats hat

If you don’t know much about Bitcoin yet, you can read about it here. But if you’re not really interested in the cryptocurrency market, just understand that it’s something that some people take very seriously. So seriously, that a redditor literally ate his own hat after losing a $1,000 Bitcoin bet.

Redditor Anndddyyyy pledged to do just that (with ketchup) if Bitcoin wasn’t valued at at least $1,000 by January 1. Bitcoin peaked at $750 on New Year’s Day, and has since dropped to $600.

Though Anndddyyyy admitted that he was slightly wasted when he placed his bet, he made good on it anyway and recorded himself eating his hat on Wednesday. “Well, I was wrong. Bitcoins and alcohol don’t go well together. Lesson learned,” he noted.

He had to eat it over the course of three sittings because the human body isn’t really equipped to digest cotton.

“I had every intention of doing it all in one meal until a friend of mine who’s in nursing school expressed genuine concern because the digestive system doesn’t break down cotton,” he said. “My stomach definitely felt ‘off’ after each time and it gave me a weird headache.”

If eating a hat over a silly, drunken bet seems crazy, that’s because it absolutely farking is. Still, Anndddyyyy showed real gumption by fulfilling his end of the bargain, and hopefully there’s a moral lesson in here about not promising to eat hats if you lose a bet, or something.

“I may be an idiot, but I like to think I’m an idiot with integrity,” he said.

Watch Anndddyyyy eat his own hat in the video above. Don’t try this at home.

Dusten Carlson
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