Reddit ‘Facebook Engagement Season’ Post Touches Users Right In The Fedora

reddit engagement season

Over on Reddit, a Facebook “engagement season” post has perfectly summed up the community’s status as mostly happy and forever alone, with a simple, single “no fucks given” pose by one girl in a gaggle delighting the posters in r/pics.

The post’s distaste at Facebook’s engagement season reflects a common gripe on social media — while everyone is happy by and large for others when they pass major life milestones, the general tendency of the soon to be or recently wedded to post reams of boring updates about rings and proposals serves to make friends often feel like a captive audience with limited interest in an increasingly boring subject.

Engagement stories in particular stir up a range of feelings (as seen on Reddit) in all young people — pressure or lack of desire to get married, fatigue from endless ring detail posts, perhaps a reminder of their own painful breakup. In short, engagement season photos have a limited audience indeed.

So the chick in the red vest, an outlier with her gang-sign-like pose and palpable disinterest in engagement ring proceedings, has become a Reddit mini-star.

Many commenters replied with things like:

“She just realized that her next Summer would be ruined by having to purchase three $150 bridesmaid dresses, wedding shower gifts, and chip in for three bachelorette parties.”

Others observed:

“We’ve all been the red vest girl at some point.”

One quipped:

“Statistically, half of those women will end up divorced … Merry Christmas!”

A friend of a friend even piped up:

“It is definitely UT. My sister is the one with glasses. Funny enough, none of the girls know who submitted their picture and about half of them are pissed about it. I just wish she’d stop posing like that. For two months endless ring pictures. We get it.

As Facebook engagement season approaches, (Reddit thread here) how do you feel about the barrage of ring pics and wedding planning updates?



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