Happy Thanksgiving: Real Reason Behind the Presidential Turkey Pardons Over the Years

You are probably done eating your first round of turkey by now, so we thought we might drop some info on you, mid-holiday to keep those brain juices flowing.

As we are sure many of you heard, President ‘ELECT’ Trump pardoned his first turkey this year, to about as much acclaim as a turkey pardoning can get, which is to say, very little:

But there must be some readers curious about the history of turkey pardoning in this country. When and why it started, and what it means for the turkey’s closest to you in your life?

Well, here you go.

A brief history lesson on turkey pardons throughout the years. Rest assured, fairly flightless fellow fowl, this is not a tradition that will be ending anytime soon, so no need to cry FOUL. Yes, that was the most turkey jokes in one paragraph ever. I am quite proud, actually:

And there you have it. The history and reasoning behind turkey pardoning each year by the president. And let us not forget last year’s CLASSIC final turkey pardon by one Mr. Barack Obama.

Good times were had by all, especially the turkey that kept it’s head:

So a huge Happy Thanksgiving from us here at Social News Daily to you and yours. Just no smallpox blankets, okay? We are not into revisionist history, so know the truth.

We keep it REAL up in here. We like to educate, even on holidays!



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