Rappers Peyton And Eli Manning Are Back For ‘Fantasy Football Fantasy’

Rappers Peyton Manning and Eli Manning are back with a spectacular new song about Fantasy Football.

Peyton and Eli teamed up last year for the hilarious “Football On Your Phone.” (See Below.) The song went viral and has been viewed more than 8 million times.

Their new song, “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” is off to a pretty good start as well. “Rappers Peyton And Eli” has been trending all morning and the video is quickly racking up the views.


OK, what was the best part of the video? (And you can’t say Eli’s awkward face.) My vote is for astronaut Archie Manning. Or maybe the sandwich throwing contest. Nope, weight, definitely the auto-tune.

Peyton Manning admitted that he felt like a sellout making these DIrecTV commercials but once he started filming he had a great time.

Manning said last year: “The rap video has been a complete sellout by me and my brother. We’ve sold our souls. When DIRECTV pitched the idea, I took and a long time to think about it. and I said I just don’t know. …It was like 4th-and-1 going deep. You can’t go half speed. You have to go full speed. … Once you get into a different character you can feel like somebody else and not yourself and go for it and have some fun doing it. … Teammates and fans in the stand are singing ‘Football on Your Phone.’”

Here’s rappers Peyton and Eli Manning’s video from last year.


Did the quarterback brothers top last year’s effort? By now, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning have some comedic chops. After last year’s viral hit and a few stings hosting SNL the Manning brothers could be looking at a post-football career in sketch comedy.

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