Rapper Banned From JetBlue Airline For Life For Refusing to Wear Mask

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Rapper Lil Pump has been banned from JetBlue for life after he refused to put on a mask on a flight on Tuesday.

According to a statement from JetBlue — which does not name Gazzy Garcia, the 20-year-old hip-hop star, though corroborates that he was the subject of the altercation — the Gucci Gang singer was en route from Fort Lauderdale to LAX when he purportedly became “verbally abusive with crew members after being asked multiple times and refusing to comply with JetBlue’s face covering policy.” Pump had his return reservation voided and, according to Derek Dombrowski (airline spokesperson), he is banned from flying on JetBlue in the future.


The statement continues: “Law enforcement was asked to meet the flight to assist our crewmembers in notifying the customer his return reservation was canceled and he is no longer welcome to fly on JetBlue. The safety of all customers and crewmembers is JetBlue’s first priority. Our policy requires all customers 2 years and older wear a face-covering throughout their journey.” The carrier’s stance is that all passengers two years or older are required to wear a face-covering for the length of the flight.

A rep from JetBlue stated also a passenger became verbally abusive with personnel during the flight and declined to put his face-covering on after removing it mid-flight, before reportedly coughing and sneezing into a blanket. A spokesperson for the airline had not returned queries for further comment at press time. On May 4, carriers started requiring all customers to wear masks to help curb the emerging tide of coronavirus infections.


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