Face Masks In Restrooms? Urinals May Spread COVID-19


Flushing urinals can discharge clouds of virus-carrying aerosols that you can possibly inhale, a recent study found.

Researchers in China from Yangzhou University unearthed that flushing urinals can expel clouds of virus-loaded aerosols that a person can ultimately inhale, a substantial worry during this COVID-19 epidemic. The bunch recently reported analogous findings with flushing public toilets and elected to analyze urinals. The experts pointed out in the survey published in Physics of Fluids: “More than 57 percent of the particles have traveled away from the urinal.”

The particles also journeyed at an ominous rate. According to the study, the particle is capable of exceeding 0.84 meters, which is roughly the height of an adult male’s thigh, in 5.5 seconds when contrasted with the dispersion performance of the toilet-elicited spray that extends about 0.93 meters in 34 seconds. Xiangdong Liu, one of the investigators in the study, stated: “To do this, we used a method of computational fluid dynamics to model the particle movement that occurs with the act of flushing. Similar to the flushing of the toilet, the flushing process of the urinal involves significant interactions between the gas and liquid interfaces.”

The researchers claimed their findings elevate fears regarding public restrooms. They concluded: “It means that besides the toilet, the male-oriented urinal, which is a common facility in the male public restroom, could become another dangerous item.” The authors of the study emphasized urinals are normally utilized within packed venues, and giving the particles can travel farther and faster in a urinal, it presents a grievous public health issue. The research team recommended making masks obligatory in public bathrooms, adding the integration of anti-diffusion betterment of public restroom centers is “urgently needed,” particularly during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


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