R.I.P. Stephen Hawking: Here’s One of the Best Things He Ever Said

As many of you have probably heard, Stephen Hawking has passed on (MANY years he longer than he was told he would live) and everyone is broken up about it. His mind is so brilliant, he could think on levels outside out many of our basic level of understanding. From thermodynamics and the solar system to understanding string theory and making it more accessible to the masses, we lost a very special mind and a very genuine person.

Rather than post some sad memorial like other sites, we wanted to do something a little different in honor of Stephen Hawking. We wanted to show you what may very well be his finest moment. A single sentence that summed up how he was as a person.

It is also nice to he says it to Piers Morgan seconds after Piers bragged about his own IQ:

And in that moment when Stephen Hawking could have told the world his IQ and left us all in his dust, he chose not to, and chose to point out that people who DO that are actually losers. Again, please note, the moment before he says that, the smarmy interviewer bragged about being smart.

THAT’S who Stephen Hawking was.

A great mind and a very genuine human being. We were blessed to have his intellect shared with the world and our sympathy and respect to his family in this tough time. It’s a BIG loss.

Truth is, we all got hit in the feels by this one, but this man’s work and progress will continue to grow and thrive, even in his absence because he inspired MANY!


Remy Carreiro


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