7 Reasons Why Quotes and Memes Work So Well on Social Media

There are two types of people of people on social media – the marketers and the consumers (sellers and buyers). Quotes and memes are great for social media because it benefits these two types of people.

People (consumers) like memes and quotes on social media because it takes just seconds to read. Also, they are either humorous, motivational and can be easily shared.

Another reason memes and quotes work so well on social media because they are easy and quick to digest. Content is abundant on the internet, but people are short on time. A reader may pass up a long post, but they will always have the time to read a short quote or look at a meme.

Memes are mostly funny. People get a good laugh out of them and want to share it with their friends. The same thing goes for quotes. After reading an inspirational or funny quote they can relate to, people get emotional, and they feel the need to share.

Here are seven reasons memes work so well on social media

  • Memes are affordable (sometimes free), making them more likely to offer a better investment return. Not all other methods of advertising can claim that.
  • Memes highlight the brand’s personality, offering a rare opportunity to humanize and authenticate its voice.
  • Memes improve the user’s participation and lead to higher levels of site traffic and brand memorability.
  • They are readily available, given that people can always find the same meme on several platforms across the internet.
  • Increasing technology offers wider markets and, therefore, a better chance of going viral. To be more specific, if you partner with influencers who already have a built-in following on platforms such as TikTok, you can have access to an ever-expanding audience.
  • Contents based on memes incites shares. Memes are intended to be shared naturally, so the information is reposted and re-memed around the internet to attract a broader audience. When your audience shares your meme to their friends for a laugh, they are consciously or unconsciously expressing allegiance to the brand.
  • Memes promote brand relevance. They make the brand more authentic, fresh, and human since they are always connected to a current trend or occurrence. Trend-related memes make the brand more relatable.

Reasons Why Quotes Work So Well on Social Media

When doing any type of branding or marketing on social media, it’s important to make sure you always have the highest of quality content at all times. And when it comes to quotes and memes, you will want to make sure your visuals are attention grabbing and also portray the message you are looking for.

A perfect example of this can be seen on the ME to WE Instagram, in which they feature a great selection of status updates with quotes, inspirational messages and testimonials from their charity work.

With these visual examples now in mind, we can continue to walk through the rest of our article on the many different benefits and ways to start using similar methods within your own social media marketing efforts.

Quotes are Short and Quickly Consumed

All over the internet, there are hundreds and thousands of words for people to consume per post. Who’s got the time or attention span? Although longer content can help with SEO, it can overwhelm as well. A short version of your content would be enjoyed (and certainly preferred) by your audience.

Posts on social media that links to articles indicate that more reading is involved! Consequently, individuals may be less likely to click. Quotes are like Cliff’s Notes, on the other hand. Sure, understanding the entire story would be good. But the highlights can be enough. Quotes will give the brand more awareness and recognition when used creatively and practically in expressing your brand message.

Quotes Arouse an Emotional Reaction

Whether you enjoy or dislike them, quotes are a trendy form of content on social media. That’s why there are social media accounts entirely devoted to sharing motivational, optimistic, funny, and insightful quote images.

For various purposes, people will gravitate to quotes, one of which is that sometimes the messages help them emotionally. Have you ever read a quote describing a feeling that you had but could not communicate?

What about getting a marketing statistic quote that made you understand that you are either doing something good or something wrong?

Quotes also often leave an impact on the audience. The impression could be about your brand or an action that they need to take. There’s an intense feeling attached to quotes either way, which adds to the reader’s appeal. And if you are going to take the time to create content around the different quotes that are currently being searched for, make sure you go after ones with high volume and low competition.

Various forms of quotes evoke different responses. Inspirational quotes, though, are one of the most impactful forms of emotional content. Inspirational quotes have a few characteristics, which make them popular and convincing. Such types of quotes:

  • Offers a coaching factor that makes them appealing
  • Offers practical, pleasing language and metaphors that are unforgettable, persuasive, and strong
  • Appeal to the aspirational nature of human and our desire to change and follow in the footsteps of leaders

Quotes Endorse Outreach from Influencers

It’s so much about ‘Who You Know’ when it comes to business, but instead who and what you are sharing. Influencer outreach is now a vital component of marketing plans. Influencer marketing is one of the most successful forms of attracting customers.

A perfect example of this can be seen above, where Gary Vaynerchuk is quoted and then it’s shared with others. Influencers become influencers, because they not only connect with a lot of people — but those people (followers and fans) also help connect and share content from that original influencer as well.

Even if you do not wish to use influencer marketing in your advertising campaign, it pays to create ties with experts in your niche. In certain aspects, engaging and aligning yourself with business influencers helps the company in several ways, including:

  • Exposure of their loyal followers
  • Web traffic to your website
  • Increased exposure to Social Media
  • Mention their content
  • Inclusion of their conversations
  • Social facts

Quotes Make Visuals Simple

The use of graphics in your social media content is a relatively common operating practice. People absorb visual content quicker and respond to it more often. Text-only tweets still earn some love, but posts with graphics do much better. Posts featuring visuals:

  • Are more easily noticed in the news feed
  • Excite the senses
  • Increase engagement

And if you need even more examples of this, just look up any famous person or influencer on Google and include “quotes” in your search, and then click on IMAGES at the top of the search box. It will then lead you to find thousands of results like the ones below.

It’s Easy to Brand Quotes

Since we are on the subject of visual marketing, we may as well talk about branding. All over the internet, you can find a lot of software that helps you curate content. It’s not as helpful to share too much content with photos that don’t promote the brand.

To create relationships and contacts with your company, you must use social media. Not only have we displayed the importance of this for charitable organizations like We Charity, but it’s also just as important for businesses and brands as well. That means communicating as yourself (your brand) on social media. You need content that explicitly shows the post originates from you, not any other company, to express your brand’s personality.

Another factor why quotes are fantastic is that you can brand them instantly for social media. If the quote is for shoes, ads, inspiration, or pets, it does not matter. You can simply add your spice via:

  • What you say in the post
  • An image or video
  • Your logo or URL or Both
  • Your brand’s colors

Using quotes in the overall marketing plan expresses in short fragments what your brand is about. Your viewer gets to know you better over time. They have the chance to know, like, and trust you (aka the KLT factor). And when it comes to purchasing decisions, the KLT factor is vital!

Quotes Can Build Brand Personality

What you post about determines how your audience receives you. If your company tweets about LGBT+ rights or #BlackLivesMatter, that can send a message about your values and where you stand on the subject. Or, if you are a marketing brand or agency, you can post expert quotes and tips, like the one featured above.

Quotes will multiply this effect when a human touch is thrown into the mix. Customers expect their beliefs to be shared by their businesses.

Quote posts are a perfect way to target this because they fuel interaction and discussions, helping your marketing plan to evolve beyond cold copy and develop a consumer audience where you want to see your product.

So if you want to push your social media ads with limited external support to the next level, quotes can get your name and story out there and communicate with customers.

Informative and Educational

Nowadays, people are on social to learn and not just to chat with friends. To find information on topics of interest, people do searches on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Quotes are an ideal way to communicate information and educate others while also increasing the brand’s visibility and awareness.

You may be wondering how you can cram enough detail into a quote to get the message across. There are a couple of ways to use social media to share information.

Aim to design an entertaining and thought-provoking quote as a graphic for sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Then elaborate further inside the post itself about the quotation.

On the other hand, Twitter demands that your input be short (limited to 280 characters). You can use up to four quote images to convey the message. This makes for a pretty little slideshow!

Don’t forget to use hashtags no matter where you’re using quotes. Hashtags will bring your posts in front of more individuals interested in your subject matter. When you use hashtags, even individuals who don’t follow you can find your content on search.


Quote posts and memes work so well on social media because people are drawn to brief yet substantive, relevant, and engaging content. They also help draw targeted clients to expand your network while growing your audience’s KLT factor.


Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing and branding. Follow his journey at Blogging.org and ZacJohnson.com.


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