‘Price Is Right’ Contestants Think iPhones Are Really Expensive [Video]

Price is Right

How much does an iPhone cost? These ‘Price Is Right’ contestants aren’t too sure.

On a recent episode of the popular game show, contestants were asked the price value of an iPhone 6 and a year contract plan, including phone and data. Let’s take a second and do some rough math. That cell phone model would probably go for about $500 full price. Let’s say a $100 a month plan (that’s being pretty generous), times that by 12. That’s equals 1700, so I would put my guess in at $1500. Remember, the person that is closest without going over is the winner, so we don’t want to guess too much.

But on the contrary, these people went way over. Really $7500? What kind of phone does that lady have? The sad part is the first two contestants really seemed to have thought about their answers very carefully.

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