President Obama’s Google+ ‘Fireside Chat’ Announced Post-SOTU

obama google+ fireside chat

President Obama’s on Google+, and after the State of the Union address, the prez plans to stop by for a “Google Hangout” to enable everyday Americans to get in on the post-SOTU discussion.

President Obama’s Google+ SOTU “fireside chat” is sign of the times, for sure, a techno-riff on Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s famed talks of the same name, with a social media twist.

Google’s official blog announced Obama’s Google+ fireside chat today on their site, telling users where and when they can video chat the Commander In Chief using their Google+ accounts. (Man, the echoing is gonna be a coast-to-coast bitch, we expect.)

Google explains:

“When President Obama heads to a joint session of Congress tomorrow night, he’ll be honoring the 200-year old tradition of delivering the State of the Union to Congress and the American people. Two days later, the President will turn to Google+ to continue a more recent tradition, by taking questions online after his speech. You can tune in to the Hangout this Thursday at 4:50 p.m. ET.”

Google adds:

“Much like the Fireside Hangouts held by Vice President Biden and Domestic Policy Director Cecilia Munoz over the past few weeks, the President’s Fireside Hangout will include a group of people who regularly discuss important issues of the day online. During the conversation, the selected participants will ask the President their own questions—but we’d also like to hear from you before the Hangout. To let the President know what’s on your mind, head to the White House YouTube channel and submit a video or text question. You can submit or vote on questions you’d like to hear him address until 11:59 p.m. ET on Wednesday, February 13.”

President Obama’s Thursday Fireside Hangout can be accessed on the White House Google+ page as well as its YouTube channel, and those interested in participating should check out this week’s State Of The Union address at 9PM Wednesday.


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