Pottery Painting Viral Video Mesmerizes Viewers

Painting can certainly be one of the most relaxing activities known to humanity. In fact, some doctors are keen to enroll for adult painting classes and mark the enrollment fee down their tax computations as recreation and stress management exemption.” However, painting can also become one heart-stopping feat. This viral video of a master artisan painting a clay dish has left viewers all over the world holding their breathe in awe.

Watch in wonder as the master works in the video below:

You can exhale now.

The clip hails from the esteemed Kutani Choemon, a Japanese ceramic studio with a storied past. The studio was founded in the Ishikawa Prefecture in 1879, and all their artisanal works are hand-crafted with the highest standards and utmost care. From dishes to figures to jars and more, all their pieces are hand-painted by traditional craftsmen. their works have been included in exhibits and galleries all over the world, and the studio has received honors and awards from the Emperor himself.


viewers have marveled over the seeming ease and the steadiness of the artist’s hand as it wields the thinnest and tiniest of brushes to paint seamless, never-ending patterns. Never missing a beat and never faltering on a line, lines and curves all breathtakingly uniform and precise. As if that wasn’t enough, the real clincher comes when the artist begins to wield an enormous brush loaded with ink to fill in the empty spaces.

A drop of paint spilling over lines sent the video’s viewers into an emotional point. “Died a little inside at 2:47 when it went over the line, and then 3:03 sealed the deal. #watchtheworldburn“, quipped one commenter. Another one replied, “+x Smym I see it differently. To me, it gives it character, and makes it all that much more unique.”

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