Postal Service Releasing Mr. Rogers Stamp Next Month!

mr rogers

It can be really difficult to get excited over simple pleasures these days as most of us are busy as a bee and don’t even have enough spare time to actually stop and smell the roses. But sometimes life grabs you by the shoulders and makes you stop and pay attention, just for a smile. In this case, the news just dropped that there will be an unveiling of a Mr. Rogers stamp by the postal service next month.

Huzzah to that:

For those who don’t know (which SHOULD be none of you) Mr. Rogers was a kid’s show featuring a very gentle man who lived in a land filled with puppets who would teach kids life lessons everyday and loved wearing sweaters. And he also loved asking people if they would be his neighbor, which now sounds kind of strange but was very welcoming and genuine at the time.

Here, check Mr. Rogers out for yourself. By the end of this clip, you will love this man and MAYBE be in tears, which is totally acceptable by the way. This SHOULD hit you in the feels or you may not have any:

And while it seems stamps are usually reserved for people of a certain social status, it has been nice to see some American icons that are not political making it onto stamps, too.

If ANYONE deserves to be commemorated, it is the man we see in the video above. A gentle and warm human who made the world better for all those he came into contact with. Speaking of which…..

Now we just need a Bob Ross stamp and the world will be complete!


Remy Carreiro


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