Pope Francis, The Social Media Pope [Twitter Reacts]

New Pope selected

Pope Francis became (as we posted earlier today) the first pope to officially be ushered in in the social media age, despite his predecessor’s historic delving into Twitter.

Pope Francis immediately re-opened the @Pontifex Twitter account as he was elected after Pope Benedict’s historic resignation, but it was the first time in history the world’s Catholics were able to gather in a virtual space and watch and wait for the pontiff to be selected — the tags #blacksmoke and #whitesmoke trended intermittently as the papal conclave … conclaved, or whatever it is Cardinals do in seclusion when they’re pope-picking.

The selection of Pope Francis was definitely a sight to see in a social media space, as even non-Catholics were pulled into what many were calling Vatican Idol, the strange and arcane Holy Roman Church’s centuries-old traditions thrust into the spotlight for Protestants and others to again muse at while Catholic persons tended to party it up while sede vacante lasted.

But soon “Habeus Papam” was trending, and the world waited to hear that Pope Francis had been announced. Reaction was swift because Twitter now exists, with the powerful and the ordinary user alike reacting to the event.

Here are some of the top tweets to usher in the papacy of Pope Francis:

How did your Twitter react to Pope Francis’ election?



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