Police discovered severed human testicles and penis in electrician’s freezer


Police have reportedly unearthed severed human testicles and a penis in a tradie’s freezer while probing the removal of another person’s testicle.

Cops went to 27-year-old Ryan Andrew King’s the West End flat last weekend while investigating a freakish mutilation. Paramedics and police were phoned to a city backpacker inn where they allegedly discovered a 26-year-old man from Sydney with his genitals somewhat removed. After meeting offline, it is said the man had planned to be partly castrated by King in one of the rooms.

via Reddit; Ryan Andrew King

King, who has volunteered in the SES and works at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre as an electrician, is not thought to be medically competent but supposedly did some online research and taught himself castration. It is claimed he may have utilized a Cryopen, a gadget for removing lesions such as benign skin spots and warts under high pressure with nitrous oxide. After locating the reputedly maimed man at the hostel, law enforcement searched King’s apartment and presumably found a set of testicles and a human penis in his freezer.

Police reported no complaints resulted regarding the – as-yet-unspecified – set of severed male human genitalia and no charges have been set in relation to the finding. The man who purportedly had one testicle excised by King was transported to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital to undergo surgery and is presently in stable condition. King was charged with one count of act intended to maim. King’s parents attended court to support their son, who was denied bail.


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