Planning the Perfect Bachelor Party: A Cost Comparison Guide

A wedding is a paramount event for the groom and bride and a pleasant pastime for guests. The pre-wedding party is no less fun, as friends create bright memories for the bachelor before getting a “husband-to-be” status.

The only problem is organizing an event so that it is both memorable and affordable. The cost of a bachelor party will be affected by its duration, location, and number of invited persons. What else do you need to consider when planning a perfect pre-wedding party for a little cost? Learn more in our article.

Tips on How to Make Your Party Less Expensive

There are many ways to save money on a party without cutting down on the fun. For example, you can use some additional money from or other similar services. This is the easiest opportunity to get the amount you need with the lowest fees instantly. In this way, you reserve your budget for other purposes and can profitably spend your holiday at the expense of others.

The location can be taken into account when planning a bachelor party. The closer you are to home, the less money will be spent on transportation, for example, by plane. If you still decide to go somewhere outside your city, then choose convenient places that you can quickly reach by car. Shorten your stay to one or two days. Plan your menu carefully and try to stick to classic and delicious dishes as opposed to gourmet cuisine.

How Much Does a Bachelor Party Cost?

As for statistics, two-thirds spend more than $300 on their party. Almost 30% of respondents spend more than $1,000 because they choose distant destinations and travel there by plane. The average amount spent on a bachelor party is $750. This is if we are talking about local bars or restaurants. If a bachelor decides to go to exotic cities, then he will have to spend a minimum of $1,600.

Here is an approximate breakdown by days and the cost of organizing a holiday.

  • 1 day: $820
  • 2 days: $850
  • 3 days: $1,100
  • 4 days: $1,300
  • 5 days or more: $1,500+

According to the general trend, the bach parties began to last longer. The average husband-to-be wants to celebrate for three days or more. If the holiday is not limited to a local bar and lasts several days, then accommodation is a must.

Guests stay in hotels and order food for several days, which entails additional costs. It may force you to use the app to borrow money instantly until payday, which is sometimes not the best option. Such a pastime guarantees more impressions. But try to make sure that it does not overshadow the wedding itself.

Ideas for a Budget Party

If you plan to save money but have no less fun, invite your friends to watch a sports match. Alternatively, you can organize two teams and play against each other. After that, you can go to the club and celebrate the result.

Get acquainted with the entertainment program of local bars. Often you can come across additional concerts or performances by guest bands. A little trick: some establishments offer promotions for large orders at specific times. Find out these Happy Hours and adjust your party accordingly.

See what local events are available in your area. For example, if your guests are connoisseurs of culture and art, you can invite them to a museum. If your friends are fond of various excursions, you can organize a tour along with free tastings at cheese factories and breweries. Thus, save money on food without looking for additional ways to finance the party as using a payday advance app that loan money online or borrowing from family members.

Often, even expensive restaurants invite guests to a sampling of stronger drinks, like brandy or whiskey. In this way, you combine entertainment and promote an educational pastime.

Why Men’s Parties Cost More than Women’s Parties

It is interesting to note that bachelor parties end up being costlier than bachelorette parties. The difference is noticeable and is twice as low for bridesmaids. This can be explained by the number of guests of the future husband, as well as the duration of the party.

Paradoxically, men invite fewer friends, and there are fewer people with whom you can share the total amount of expenses. Men fly to Vegas or Miami for a celebration, while girls are content with local entertainment. According to statistics, about 60% of bachelors choose this location.

Perhaps Hollywood movies are to blame here; who knows? The celebration program for men is correspondingly longer. But the events that take place on holiday do not differ between bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Men give their best because this is the only event they plan. Women, in addition to the pre-wedding party, also organize their weddings. But if you look at the statistics, the number of wedding couples has declined slightly since a peak of 62.34 million in 2020. The pandemic and the general lockdown can explain this.

As of 2022, the number of married couples in America is 61.44 million. Since 1960, this number has increased by 21.24 from 40.2 million at that time.

Bottom Line

When organizing a bach party, the most important thing is to focus on memories. After all, this is the main goal for which it is held. Even with a small budget, you can create an unforgettable feast.

On the contrary, the most luxurious party can turn into a disaster without proper planning. Calculate how much you can afford to spend and start from this amount. After all, the main component of a successful event is your guests, with whom you want to share the moment of happiness.


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