Pinterest Recipes Go Viral With Just The Right Social Ingredients

Pinterest Recipe Success

It is nearly impossible to log into a Pinterest account and look around without running into some delicious dessert recipe or a new mediterranean dish that you simply can’t live without.

While the rapidly growing social network might just seem like a huge hodgepodge of information, the truth is there is already a science behind what recipes you should post and when you should post them.

The team at Feastie Analytics sent along some research about their time spent examining the recipe culture at Pinterest. As it turns out certain courses, specific dishes and even certain ingredients fair better than others.

Feastie Analytics also notes that image size is a big luring factor for Pinterest pinners. Apparently our eyes really are bigger than our stomaches, even when it comes to repinning stuff we see on our computer screens.

Have a recipe with Stevia in it? The natural sugar alternative will likely result in more shares.

Want to pin a popular dish? Try a cheesecake recipe or something with fudge. You could also go healthier with a nice lasagna recipe or perhaps a homemade casserole dish.

Check out the infographics viral photo sizes to understand what photos work best and then check out the rest of the viral Pinterest data to learn how best to optimize your Pinterest recipes.

Check out the full list of secrets for Pinterest recipe pins below:

Making Recipes Go Viral on Pinterest



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  1. I agree with the photo being a huge drawing factor. I don't even open pins without a good photo as I am just not drawn to them.

  2. Really interesting! A great picture is definitely a big one! I'm so much more likely to pin something if the picture is awesome than if it's not so great!