Pinterest Pins Examined: Post At These Times To Win Followers, Repins


Throwing up a million pins on your Pinterest boards might make you look like an active Pinterest user but it won’t necessarily cause you to become one of the most followed or re-pinned users on the visually based social network.

The team at visual analytics firm Curalate recentlyexamined Pinterest pins and the traction they gain.

Curalate found that 70 percent of brand engagement actually arrives by way of brand fans and not from the company itself.

Breaking the pins down by industry the company was able to discover the best times to post certain pin types. For example, Automotive pins do best on Friday’s at Noon EST. Fashion/Retail pins on the other hand are best posted on Friday at 3pm EST.

Check out the full infographic to discover which keywords and other best practices will help you gain more traction on Pinterest.

Pinterest Pin Times - Best Results Study



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  1. interesting, I never would hhave thought that posting certain pins at certain times is better but it does make sense.

  2. I knew there were good times to post on Facebook, but I wasn't sure about Pinterest. Thanks for sharing!