Pinterest Launches Place Pins, Becomes More Travel-Friendly

Place Pins Launched Pinterest

Pinterest launched Place Pins last week after noticing Pinners were creating more and more boards around planned vacations or places they wanted to see someday. With the help of Place Pins, users can create a map and Pin to it, then share with friends.

Along with beautiful images and notes about where to go, Place Pins also offer extra details like the address and phone number of a specific Pin, making it easy to navigate around the map when it’s time to go. Plus, the maps can be accessed easily on mobile devices using Android and iOS.

To create a Place Pin board, select Add a map when creating a new board, or Edit an existing board’s settings to make it a map. Then, map all of your new or existing Pins on the board to plan your next trip. Friends can also be added on a group board to help you plan your weekend getaway.

In order to get things started, Pinterest asked “some of the best names in travel” to create their own boards for inspiration. Some examples come from the Travel Channel, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Conde Nast Traveler, Thrillist, and many more. This special feed has them all.

With the help of the already-created Place Pin boards, users can travel through South Africa, take a tour of the University of Michigan, eat their way through New York City, and visit happy hour spots around the world. Pinterest is calling the effort its first to make the site more useful for travel.

[Image by Pinterest]



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