Pinterest Is Influencing Direct Consumer Purchases, Study Claims

Pinterest Effect

Pinterest isn’t just a social network with awesome recipes and cool arts and crafts, it’s an e-commerce machine that generate sales at a rapid rate.

The team at Accept Credit Cards recently examined how Pinterest activity was affecting sales and they found a direct connection between Pinterest activity and direct consumer purchases.

The study found that Pinterest buying power tops even Facebook and Twitter and is the leading social media platform driving consumers to external websites and blogs.

How big is Pinterest for businesses? The study found that 39% of company’s have changed their social media focus to allow for more time on Pinterest. The survey also discovered that the key demographic at Pinterest are women between the ages of 18 to 49, a demographic coveted by businesses because of their ability and want to spend.

The survey also found that young, educated, white users make up a majority of the sites population, a group that tends to spend a lot and use the web.

Take a look at the full infographic to understand the Pinterest effect on direct consumer spending:



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  1. Since using pinterest I've lost countless money, hours, and gained several pounds. It's absolutely addicting and I really wish I could get more pin success than fail ;-).

  2. If I had a business, I would definitely make sure my product was on pinterest. I know countless of people that see DIY projects that they love, but actually will not complete a project, so they buy them pre-made!

  3. I avoided Pintrest like the plague for the longest time….then I signed up, got hooked for a bit, and now I know that I just have to stay away from it. I just wait til my friends on FB pin something and I take a look. I don't ever just keep clicking because then Ill been pinning for hours and it's not worth it.

  4. I think PInterest has gained quite a bit in popularity and all the products and links you can post and people can choose from definitely affects how people use social media.

  5. For me this is true for sure, I will often buy a product that I have found on Pinterest.

  6. I can see how this is true. When you see a pin on pinterest of a product it makes you want to go buy it.