Pinning Labor Day: Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks

Homemade Patriot Candy Corn

Labor Day is an American federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday in September. A weekend of barbeques and end of summer vacations, Labor Day is a celebration of the economic and social contributions of workers. Many Americans celebrate the holiday as a patriotic occasion. For my Popular Parenting Pinterest Pin Picks of the week, here are my top pins inspired by Labor Day.

Popular DIY Pin

Many families spend the evening hours outside on Labor Day. What better way to light up the night than with a homemade solar lantern made with a glass jar and an inexpensive solar light courtesy of H2O Bungalow.

Labor Day Solar Lantern

Popular Craft Pin

In addition to a solar lantern, you can also use mason jars to make a pretty flag craft perfect for decorating the table on labor day. Check out the beautiful but simple American Flag mason jars craft from Maison de Pax.

American Flag Mason Jars

Popular Dessert Pin

Sparklers are popular during the patriotic holidays. However, sparklers are exceedingly dangerous, especially for kids. Instead of real sparklers, serve edible sparklers from The Ungourmet at your Labor Day party.

Edible Sparklers

Popular Side Dish Pin

Food is an important part of any Labor Day party. For a simple but delicious side dish idea, try the BLT tomatoes from Buns in My Oven. Tomatoes, cheese, onion, and bacon? Yes, please!

BLT Tomatoes

Popular Candy Pin

Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. What other candy screams more of autumn than candy corn. For a fun candy that melds Labor Day with fall, check out the homemade patriot candy corn from Taste and Tell.

Homemade Patriot Candy Corn

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