Pillsbury Release ‘Pizza Cake’ Recipe; Twitter Erupts

People love pizza. People love cake. In many ways, the two were destined to come together sooner or later. Last week, when noted baking goods supplier Pillsbury released their own pizza cake recipe via their website, response was immediate — and very passionate.

Of course, this wasn’t the first time that pizza and cake had been combined.

Pizza-Cake Hybrids of Yesteryear

This personal pizza-cake is a rather more elegant predecessor to the Pillsbury version, but likely no less delicious — the recipe is available here.


This delicious looking creation is rather the opposite of similar pizza cakes — perhaps best described as a cake pizza?

This pizza wedding cake is a real work of genius. It’s a real eye-grabber, for one, but there’s also a practical side. Five different styles of pizza topping, all in one place — something for everyone.

Pro-Pizza Cake Tweeters

As you might well imagine, fans of cake and fans of pizza — and the many that self-identify as a fan of both — were quick to launch into their praise of the first mainstream appearance of the pizza cake. What you see in the above might be the underground era for the dish, but once Pillsbury got their hands on it, it was very much in the spotlight and grabbing the public’s attention the world over.

It is indeed, a game changer — both in the world of fine dining and the sphere of social media. Food posts on Twitter are usually a very personal thing, but the popularity of the #pizzacake hashtag suggested that this was a treat that people wanted to share. It’s almost certainly a good idea to share a pizza cake — polishing one off alone would likely shave several years off your life.


However, even a world with pizza cake in it isn’t rosy everywhere. There will always be those that see the glass half full — and there are even those who can’t see the appeal of a pizza cake.

Pizza Cake Detractors Unite


There are surely worse ways to kick the bucket than going out in a blaze of glory such as the pizza cake can offer. However, health fears weren’t the only reason that naysayers felt that this combo main-dessert wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Could pizza cake turn other nations against America? That remains to be seen, but given that most people have been brought together by the recipe — almost like the many layers of the cake itself — it seems unlikely.


The most intriguing part of this tweet may well be the fact that Ziegler claims to have seen a seven layer variant of the pizza cake; Pillsbury’s illustrative photograph only boasts five layers, from the looks of things. Could the next step in pizza cake history already have been taken? Perhaps the pizza cake story has only just begun.

Want to share your success story from making the pizza cake? Want to suggest your own idea for a food mash-up too good to ignore? Take to the comments section and make your voice heard.

Magui Sandjou


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