Swoon Over These Two Pitbull Rescues and Their Ducklings

Meet Patty Cake and Pikelet, two pitbull rescues who have endeared themselves to the internet just by being their sweet, charming selves.

Oh, and because they’ve just adopted themselves a pair of adorable wee ducklings.

Their human, Carey Winston-Stoll, writes for Bored Panda:

All our adorable dogs are rescue. Pikelet was saved from death row at just 5 weeks old and joined our family. He was not just good around our foster puppies, rather he was quite incredible. Bonding almost straight away, Pikelet has a knack for welcoming orphaned puppies and teaching them how to dog.

Later one more puppy, Patty Cakes, joined our family. He was an old soul in a squishy, perfectly adorable bull-breed mix puppy body.

Careful what you wish for… #motherducker

A photo posted by Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll (@lifeofpikelet) on

March this year, Carey was offered another opportunity to foster animals from the Wollongong Animal Rescue Network. However, instead of dogs, two fuzzy ducklings came into Carey’s, Patty Cakes’, and Pikelet’s lives. The ducklings are named Penguin & Popinjay, and now waddle happily around their doggie parents at just 4 weeks old. This sweet family of four are inseparable, eating, sleeping, and playing together.

These two fluffy ducklings are Pikelet & Patty Cakes’ pride and joy.


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