Perun 2 – is this the best headlamp?

The Olight Perun 2 is a latest version of the famous Perun and is explained as a new multi-functional right angle torch that delivers a maximum output of 2500 lumens and gives a longer runtime than the real Perun.

It is best rechargeable headlamp powered by a 4000mAh 21700 battery. The Perun 2 can be used both as a headlamp with a headband and as handheld torch and also has a perfect pocket clip.


Olight packs its light in strong, thick boxes perfect for display. The Perun 2 came in a white box with a lid that opens lengthwise and shuts magnetically. The first item you see when you open the box is a yellow plastic insert describing how to remove the protective film and charge the light.

The magnetic charger and the lanyard are packed in a strong cardboard box alongside the foam packaging, and the remaining thin cardboard grips the headgear and the map-folded instructions.


Lumens: Maximum 2500

  •         Turbo 2500 lumens
  •         High 500 (250 mints, then 230 for thirty mins)
  •         Medium 120 (19hrs)
  •         Moonlight 5 (12.5 days)
  •         Low 30 (66 hrs)

Next generation Perun

Olight is taking their headlamp device to the next level with the Perun 2. With extra lumens, longer runtimes, and latest battery, there is nothing that this light cannot accomplish outdoors or in. upgraded to a 21700 battery, the headlamp now has an amazing 2,500 lumen output for campers, hikers, and other outdoor lovers and a maximum runtime of 12.5 days.

Using the Timer on the Olight Perun 2 headlamp

You can time your light to turn off after three minutes or nine minutes. When the light is on, double click and grip the switch. It will react with a one blink to let you know it is on a three minute timer. Hold it longer to get two blinks and access the nine minute timer.

If you are unsuccessful in turning on the timer, ensure the light is on before you twin click. Otherwise you will just be scrolling via the settings.

Proximity sensor

When the proximity sensor notices an obstruction nearby, the brightness will mechanically decrease – if the blockage continues for more than sixty seconds, then the light will switch off.

This is a very helpful safety feature and decreases the danger of the light overheating and causing a fire if it is left on near a tent wall.


The body of the light has a textured pattern that provides a strong grip and stops slipping even when wet.

Lockout mode

When the light is off, press and grip the switch for two seconds to lock the torch, while locked, the light will enter the moonlight mode if you press and grip the switch for less than 2 seconds, and turn off again when you release the switch.

Press and grip for 2 seconds to unlock the light. It will blink to let you know it is unlocked.

Magnetic charging & hands-free use

Like all Olight flashlights, the Perun 2 rechargeable led headlamp uses their signature magnetic charging system for fast and simple recharging anywhere you are. Additionally, the magnetic base that facilitates the charging can also be used to go hands-free.

User-friendly interface

The big recessed top switch is simple to operate while simultaneously decreasing the chance of accidental activation, offering a better user experience.

End words

With a highest output of 2,500 lumens, and a more acceptable run time, the Perun 2 has the battery and power capacity needed for even the darkest of nights on the trail. The compact size, acceptable weight, durable materials, and relaxed grip are well suited to harsh open-air environments.

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