Factors to Consider when Searching for a Showroom in Amsterdam

Showroom for rent in Amsterdam

Companies set up their offices in cities that are now centers for commerce.  They want places with extensive transport networks, different workspace options and amenities, a good standard of living, and a stable political climate, among others.  Amsterdam has proven to be an excellent location to set up a business and live.

Why say so?  As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is ranked among the top financial centers in the world.  As a result, it’s the headquarters of Philips and ING, while foreign companies such as Adidas, Hewlett Packard, LG, Hitachi, Mattel, and 1800 more brands have offices here.  Further, the city is one of the best tourist destinations.

Many entrepreneurs interested in setting up an office here are concerned with how they can find a showroom or studios in this great city.  If you’re one of them, the article will tell you factors to consider when searching for an exhibition room for rent in Amsterdam.

3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Showroom in Amsterdam

1.    Working Arrangements

The start of the Covid-19 pandemic changed how most businesses work.  So companies don’t want to engage in long leases and confine their employees in boring 4 white walls.  They want flexible working arrangements where they can expand and downscale within short notice.

The flexible workspace and coworking market has come up with smart solutions that don’t require a long commitment.  You can consider such solutions when looking for a showroom for rent in Amsterdam as well as bike storage for some of your employees.

2.    Location

Startups, scale-ups, and companies have for many years flocked to Amsterdam because of its distinct features.  Most companies set up their studios, showrooms, and offices in popular commercial space locations in Amsterdam, including:

Amsterdam Center: Entrepreneurs and companies line up in this classic district because of its ambiance comprising historic buildings along the canal.  These offices are fully furnished with classic and modern styles.

Amsterdam South East: The area is home to Pathe Arena, the largest movie theater, and other attractions.  It has an excellent public transport connection to numerous highways and the center.

Amsterdam West: The district has an artistic and creative atmosphere and an industrialized-looking neighborhood.  This makes it a hotbed for super trendy startups and innovative businesses.

Amsterdam North: The Amsterdam Tower, the Eye Film Museum, and the IJ-Hallen. Entrepreneurs’ hearts melt when they see how the modern encounters the post-industrial.

Amsterdam South: There are more offices here than in the rest of The Netherlands.  The distinct skyline that Financial Mile has comes at a steep price tag.

Amsterdam New West: This city’s young but largest district has different office spaces and places to choose from.

Amsterdam East: It’s ranked among the fastest-growing corporate districts in Amsterdam.  Amsterdam East is home to Artis Zoo, Oosterpark Amstel Business Park, and much more.

3.    Cost

The cost of a serviced office space in Amsterdam is based on your requirements and location.  But this cost is inclusive of various amenities.  But with €51 a day, you can get a ready-made boutique retail space with multiple amenities situated on the ground floor.  Also, with €3,180,00 a month, you can get a boutique shop in the city center.  Prices are set per day and space size.  Other factors include space features, floor, or access.


Finding an exposition room for rent in Amsterdam is easy and straightforward as long as you understand your requirements, the location, and the budget.  If you’re looking for an office, shop, or showroom in Amsterdam, you can easily find one by contacting some local consultants in your preferred area.



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