Peanut Butter And Nelly? #RejectedPairings Trending On Twitter

Hashtag notification concept

What exactly is a #RejectedPairings?

Rachel and Joey.

Star Wars and Star Trek movie.

Real Housewives and Sobriety.


This hashtag is trending on Twitter and has users post pairings that will never happen and just don’t go together. From pop culture references (Peanut Butter and Nelly) to controversy (Compassion and Westboro Baptist Church), users are getting pretty creative with their #RejectedPairings.

Most of the tweets were funny and shot some shade at popular TV shows. But, others poked fun at very serious controversies.

Some just didn’t seem to get it.

#RejectedPairings is the result of the popular Hashtag game via Twitter.

The popular Twitter game has spurred a website and app to help users keep up with all of the hashtag games going on.

Other trending hashtags involved in the game are #InMyHorrorMovie…

and #80s90sMashup.

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