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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Celebrities, Rihanna Tops Eminem For First Time

The top 10 most popular Facebook celebrities were revealed this week by Starcount and Mashable and for the first time Eminem has been knocked from the top followers spot by Rihanna. At the time of the examination Rihanna had accrued 61,564,736 fans, while Eminem was just a short distance behind with 61,217,673. Eminem was the […]

Facebook Asks Court To Dismiss $15 Billion Class Action ‘Wiretap’ Lawsuit

A federal court in May 2012 hit Facebook with a $15 billion lawsuit after it was found that the social network was tracking customers after they logged out of its system. The court filing claims that Facebook is violating federal wiretap laws. The Menlo Park company is now asking that the case be dismissed because […]

LinkedIn Reveals The ‘Office Of Tomorrow’ Based On Employee Suggestions [Infographic]

Today’s employees are not concerned with fax machines, tape recorders, the rolodex and other office mainstays of their parents era. Instead they want chairs that generate heat, ping pong tables and even office tea carts. Social business platform LinkedIn surveyed 7,000 members from 18 countries to determine the best office tools and trends. Not surprisingly […]

More Bad News For Zynga: ‘Words With Friends’ Creators Walk Out

Is it just me, or is Zynga taking a few on the chin today? Hot on the heels of an announced “dismal” sales outlook through the end of the year and a 20% share free-fall on Friday, Paul and David Bettner, the brothers behind the extremely popular mobile game Words With Friends, have decided not […]