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Women Creates Facebook Sting, Learns Her Husband Is Planning To Kill Her

David Voelkert, 38, met 17-year-old Jessica Studebaker on the social network Facebook and the pair quickly started a friendship that led David to tell the teen about his plan to track down and kill his ex-wife, there was just one problem with his plan, it turns out Studebaker was a fake account created by his […]

Bing Brings Facebook Sharing To Mobile Web Browser

Bing on Wednesday began showing off their new Bing for Mobile Browser (m.bing.com) which brings with it a number of new features. The main option that has us excited is the ability for users to use Facebook sharing directly from the mobile URL. Using the new mobile option users can share images, local business details […]

The World’s Most Exclusive Website: Can You Get In?

Ever stand in a line at a club, hoping you’re cool enough to get in? If you haven’t, now you can feel that mix of anxiety and sadness on the internet. The World’s Most Exclusive website only allows the Twitter elite through its virtual doors. So what’s it look like inside? I have no idea. […]

Should Facebook Be an Option For Process Serving?

Keep an eye on your Facebook inbox… in the not too distant future, it might contain a summons. The practice is legally murky, and hasn’t quite gained prominence in the states. But defendants have been successfully served in the UK and Australia, beginning with a foreclosure notice served through the social network down under in […]