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Facebook Photo Platform Now Includes ‘Drag To Drop’ Feature For Status Updates

Facebook on Christmas Eve rolled out a new drag and drop feature for its photo management system. The “drag to upload” feature allows users to grab all of their photos from their computer and simply drag them into the Facebook interface. The new photo management feature was actually spotted by some Facebook users last week […]

YuleTube Browser Extension Turns Naughty YouTube Comments Into Nice Messages

Are you sick and tired of reading nasty YouTube comments posted by video trolls? Thanks to a new internet browser extension you can now turn those YouTube comments into nice messages, just in time for the holiday season. Called YuleTube the browser extension is available for the Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. The program works […]

‘Gangnam Style’ Achieves Historic Feat: 1 Billion YouTube Hits

South Korean rapper PSY’s viral hit “Gangnam Style” has made history yet again. Several weeks ago, it beat the record for most viewed video on YouTube, and now, it has become the first video to ever cross 1 billion hits. When all is said and done, PSY is officially the James Cameron of YouTube. According […]

#EndOfTheWorldConfessions: Twitter Is My Priest As The World Dies

As expected, Twitter is obsessed with the Mayan Apocalypse right now. Though several Mayan-related terms are currently trending, the most interesting tweets are tagged #EndOfTheWorldConfessions, on this, the eve of the end of days. The only sad thing about #EndOfTheWorldConfessions is that it half of the tweets you end up scrolling through are shameless copypasta. […]