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How To Recruit New Employees Using Facebook [Infographic]

Finding employees these days means some employers don’t even have to log out of their Facebook accounts. Sure you can use LinkedIn to find your next computer whiz, insurance agent or anything in between but why not give Facebook a try? A great source for finding young professionals the infographic below provided by HireRabbit shows […]

Zynga Testing “Reward Advertising” In CityVille

Zynga on Thursday rolled out a new platform that allows users to receive energy through “reward advertising” via the CityVille platform. Players can earn needed energy by agree to view advertiser video ads. During the initial testing phase advertisers include Coca-Cola, MasterCard and the DVD release of the 20th Century Fox film What’s Your Number? […]

Twitter Refuses To Verify Ana Gasteyer Account

Poor Ana Gasteyer, despite starring on Saturday Night Live and Suburgatory she simply can’t catch a break from the folks at Twitter. The SNL star has been trying since August to get her account verified and Twitter simply won’t do it. News of her failing Twitter battle started on Tuesday when Max Read of Gawker […]