Oscar Mayer’s New iOS App Smells Like Bacon

Oscar Mayer iPhone device wakes you up to the smell of bacon

Oscar Mayer announced yesterday they’ve manufactured an iOS app and plug-in that smells like bacon. The Wake Up and Smell the Bacon dongle plugs into the bottom of your iOS device, and along with a companion alarm application used to correctly time the event, the dongle emits a bacon scented spray.

With the Oscar Mayer dongle and app, you can transform your iPhone into a bacon-scented alarm clock. Who wouldn’t wanna wake to an aromatic waft of bacon in their face every morning? Aside from vegetarians and other individuals who adhere to non-meat eating dietary practices.

I’m sure by now if you consider yourself something of a technical enthusiast with a penchant for swine, you are salivating at the mere idea of just waking to the iPhone-induced hint of bacon in the morning.

But there’s a catch. Oscar Mayer is not currently selling the device, and only an elite few will get their hands on it. Instead of a mass distribution which would likely create a bacon frenzy, the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon dongle is being offered as part of a limited giveaway promotion on the company’s website that will end in early April 2014.

Alas the promotion is limited to people that own an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. While the dongle could hypothetically plug into an Android or Windows Phone device using a headphone jack, the company has no plans to release the companion app for those platforms, explains Digital Trends.

It’s unclear if Oscar Mayer will sell/provide additional cartridges to winners of the promotion once the sweet smell of bacon has run out, or if they intend to eventually release the dongle and iOS app to the public.

[Photo Credit: Oscar Mayer Screen Capture]

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