Watch: Orangutan’s Reunited With Abducted Daughter & It’ll Cause Tears


‘Clara’ the orangutan, previously had her baby kidnapped by a dominant male orangutan. Though of late, ‘Clarita’ was fortuitously returned to her.

via Twitter; Orangutan’s mother’s reaction after being rekindled with her kidnapped baby will make you reach for the Kleenex, asap

When orangutans are orphaned, it’s required they’re cared for by their rescuers prior to heading back into the wild.

‘Clara’ and ‘Clarita’ were featured recently on Orangutan Jungle School. Clarita had been abducted by a dominant male orangutan and her mum was very distraught.

The item were initially rescued by the good folks at the Borneo Orangutan Survival foundation.

via Shareably; Mommy so happy to see baby :’-)

The mother and her offspring had been apart for some time already. Thereby, no one had a clue if they’d actually remember each other once they met up again at last.

Clara might spurn Clarita – if a baby smells different than a mom recollect, she will often reject the young. And, this is something that the personnel braced themselves for. The too were worried that Clara would not opt to provide Clarita milk, even if she elected to take her back.

Initially, the staff was extremely cautious about the apes’ reintroduction. They situated the mother and daughter very easy and did not leave them in the same cage together. After several minutes, it became evident that all of their concerns were rather groundless.

Clara, remembered her daughter readily.

It was crystal to see that very much they loved each other. Big mama was happy to see her lil’ mama again.


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