‘Orange Is The New Black’ Writer Leaves Husband For Actress Samira Wiley

If you’ve seen Orange Is The New Black then you know that the show has its share of lesbian sex scenes. Well, apparently writing those scenes helped Lauren Morelli realize that she was gay. The show’s writer recently filed for divorce for her husband, Steve Basilone, and is now dating actress Samira Wiley.

Morelli came out earlier this year in an essay for Policy Mic. The writer said that working on OITNB helped her explore her own sexuality.

Morelli writes: “I realized I was gay in fall 2012, one of my first days on the set … I am now out to my family, my friends, and most of my co-workers on Orange … I found a mouthpiece for my own desires and a glimmer of what my future could look like.”

TMZ reports that the divorce has been amicable. Morelli and Basilone have divided up their property and have agreed to go their separate ways. According to the court documents, Morelli is keeping her Lexus, her apartment, and her engagement ring. Basilone is keeping his Mazda hatchback.

Coming out of the closet is a big deal. We’ve read countless articles and heard numerous stories about how people the experience. But here’s one new thing that we learned from Orange Is The New Black writer Lauren Morelli’s experience: When you come out as gay, you automatically get added to LL Bean’s mailing list.

Kokou Adzo

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