Orange Is The New Black Season 2 And What To Remember From Season 1


The moment is almost here. Orange Is The New Black is on a platform by itself for that show so many people are waiting for, a show like no other. Women prison drama is now the “it thing.” Basically, a show that came out of nowhere is leading a revolution.

Season 2 drops on Netflix Friday. All 13 episodes at your disposal. Clear your schedule and buy your energy drinks. Facebook users have been posting all day about the release, rightfully so. This top trend is filled with what to expect for this season and important reminders from last.

Episode one of Season 2 wastes no time introducing new characters and dives deeper into those characters that remained at surface level in Season 1.

Buzzfeed posted a great piece reminding viewers important happenings from the finale. Here is a condensed list:

  1. It’s still Christmastime at Litchfield Prison
  2. Sophia and Sister Ingalls planned the Christmas pageant
  3. Piper asked Healy for a marriage request form
  4. Red was kicked out of the kitchen for smuggling things in
  5. Caputo makes Gloria the new head cook, along with a new kitchen staff
  6. Bennet told Figueroa about finding the smuggled drugs
  7. Larry and Piper decided to get married ASAP
  8. Piper tells Alex she chose Larry, Alex says “You many never come to me again. Ever.”
  9. Even though Pornstache was suspended for “raping” Daya, he loves her
  10. Nicky plans a Secret Santa
  11. Everyone agrees Gloria’s food is better than Red’s
  12. Figueroa asks Piper to not let Larry say bad things about Litchfield
  13. Larry met with Alex during visitation (awkward)
  14. Sophia is happy her son signed a card to her by himself and not her wife
  15. Pennsatucky is constantly torturing Piper with mind games
  16. Red pours oil in the oven, which led to a fire explosion on Gina. Gloria gets blamed for it.
  17. Nicky wants Alex
  18. Red feels terrible about the oven incident, no one serves her in the cafeteria and she is being ignored
  19. Larry breaks up with Piper
  20. Alone, Piper seeks out Alex and is told to get out.
  21. Figueroa tells Healy to stop the lesbian witchhunts
  22. Caputo is introduced to Susan’s boyfriend
  23. Pennsatucky and Piper have an insane fight, which Healy neglects to stop, and Piper goes NUTS with her right fist. Piper loses it.


[Photo credit: Netflix]

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