Opal Hair is Newest Trend to Hit Instagram

Opal hair

If you’ve found yourself wondering how to best express your inner pastel goth or softcore punk, here’s the newest hair trend you just might sparkle for. (#aesthetic.)

Meet opal hair. Opal hair is the next step in color to last season’s lustrously-silver granny locks, and is a shimmery fairy-forest-daydream low-res delight. Whether you sport long or short tresses, these subtle hues are all-together soothing, whimsical and a balm to your rebel heart.


The term itself is coined by hair stylist Aura Friedman, who has worked with the tresses of the likes of  Lady Gaga, M.I.A., and Sky Ferreira. Friendman invented the trend while playing around with the same kind of toner she used on Rihanna’s and Kylie Jenner’s granny looks. “When you’re using really ashy tones,” she said, “right before you get to gray, you get a pearl.”

The secret to excellent opal hair, she says, is extremely lightened blond hair and toner. Using the right kind of toner makes the hair turn pearly, like the shimmery mother-of-pearl lining of an oyster. Now, add daubs of color mellowed with conditioner here and there, and you have the opal hair to rival your own champagne-supernova-hued dreams. this may take some careful trial and error, so best to have a buddy close by while you try this out on your own tresses.

Friedman later revealed she was working on a darker shade of the pearly tresses, something she has dubbed Fresh Water Pearl. The darker canvas provides a more sombre note to the pastels.

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