#MermanHair: Latest Men Hair Fad Hits Instagram


What is #MermanHair.

Instagram has showcased some of the craziest fashion trends, just think ‘manties.’ The latest trend to hit the social media outlet is a colorful one: #MermanHair.

Merman hair is quite the fad, a very colorful fad. It shows that men want to have a little fun with their hair. Why are the women the only ones who can rock a hot pink ‘do? These guys show they can pull off gorgeous locks in any color of the rainbow.

Some take it even farther than just the hair on their head. That beard need some color-lovin’ too.


From subtle pastel colors to bold neons, the #MermanHair Instagram feed is filled with some intense hair choices.


As a woman, I have to admit. I have some serious hair envy after seeing these guys tresses.

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