Here Are Several Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Onions


One of the most underrated foods on the planet are onions. However, there are substantial health benefits by adding more of them to your food.

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For one, onions potentially combat cancer. Onions derive from the Allium genus, which have been coupled to lowering the risk of particular cancers, such as colorectal and stomach. Research has shown that those who consume Allium vegetables in high amounts are 22 percen less likely to be diagnosed with the two cancers. It’s said that the flavonoid antioxidants and sulfur compounds hidden in onions are what can deter these cancers. Onions too furnish onionin A, a sulfur-containing compound which studies have proven can lower tumor advancement and slow the circulation of lung and ovarian cancer in test-tube lab studies.

Bone density is frequently attributed to dairy, though foods like onions can too help make certain your bones are solid. The antioxidant activities and mineral density in bones have been solidified to enhance among women who daily for eight weeks drank 100ml of onion juice versus those who did not. Research also exhibited that older women who digest more onions had a less chance of fracturing their hip by more than 20 perfect as opposed to those who never consumed them.

On top of that, consider an onion a multi-vitamin – because it appears like they are! Onions are low in calories while being packed full of nutrients, which is a bonus always. Some of the nutrients and vitamins jammed into onions, are: 1. Vitamins B9 and B6: play roles in nerve function, red blood cell production and metabolism, 2. Vitamin C: helps tissue repair, regulate immune health and iron absorption, and 3. Potassium: plays a role in kidney function, nerve transmission, fluid balance, cell function, and muscle contraction. Besides being delectable (especially grilled or fried), they are downright nutritious!


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