One Direction Helps Boyfriend Propose At Concert [Watch]

One Direction proposal

On Wednesday, at a One Direction concert, the boy band helped a stranger named Bradely propose to his girlfriend in the middle of their concert. Bradley was planning on going to the concert with his girlfriend at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. He tweeted the day before asking these five guys for their help.

The band got word of his wish and made it all come true. Watch below.

Best part is. This guy joins twitter, asks One Direction to help propose, gets his wish, has no more than 5 tweets, and gains over 16,000 followers. What are we doing wrong on social media? After Bradley popped the question, Harry joked he pulled the trigger too soon because he was going to get them up on stage.

Obviously the hashtag #1dproposal became a top trend within no time. Twitter basically freaked out. How does one top that? All the screaming girls and 1D fans went absolutely nuts.

These two were livin’ the dream…

His new fiance showed all their new fans her new rock.

[Photo credit: YouTube]

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