Omaha Steaks Thanks Peyton Manning For 652 In-Game Shout Outs [Video]

peyton manning

Peyton Manning loves the word Omaha. If you watched the Denver Broncos play on Sunday you probably heard some obnoxious guy screaming “Omaha Omaha” over and over again. That man was the Broncos quarterback.

Peyton must have used the word about 652 times (just a rough guess) during the Broncos game on Sunday. Need proof? Check out this video.

Yeah, that’s a lot of Omahas. Peyton said the word so much that The Omaha Steakhouse, the tourism board of Omaha, and a whole bunch of people on Twitter started to poke fun at the NFL QB.

So why is Peyton screaming Omaha every other word? According to an interview with Brian Urlacher and Randy Moss, Peyton uses the word to tell his team to switch the play. Basically, it means do the opposite (run right instead of left) when he hikes the ball. Now, that interview was from a few months ago so Peyton may have changed up how he uses the word. Maybe he’s just using “Omaha” as a quick way to get free steak.

photo credit: CraigInDenver via photopin cc

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