Great Grandma Said To Be UK’s Oldest Woman Gets Tattoo At 94

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A great-grandmom is said to be the oldest woman in the United Kingdom to get a tattoo after getting inked for the first time at the noble age of 94.

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Hilda West may be pushing 100, however that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her lifelong dream of getting a tattoo; as she elected to use the occasion to honor her son David and her late husband Ernest. Hilda explained: “I’ve always wanted a tattoo and I thought it’d be very nice to have Ernest’s initials next to our son’s. Ernest’s birthday would have been this month and I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. We were married for 70 years and I loved him very much.” West is proud that she’s believed to be the oldest woman (or person, rather) in the country to get some fresh ink. Hilda carried on: “It went very smoothly. I didn’t feel any pain. He was very good. I’m very happy with it. I’m glad I had it done. I believe I’m probably the oldest person in the country to have a tattoo and I’m very proud of them. I look at them every day and think of my husband and son.

“I’m not going to stop with the initials. I want a butterfly or peacock done next.” Matty Gardner, who tatted West and owns Ink on Skinz, stated: “It’s nice to do something nice for somebody. I’ve tattooed people who quite old, but not that old. It was very out of the ordinary. It was all over in 20 minutes. She handled it better than some of the body builders I’ve tattooed.” Gardner shared the story about Hilda’s tatt via Ink on Skinz’s Facebook page, where his engagers had nothing but affection for what she’d opted to do. One Facebook user commented: “That’s well awesome.” Another Facebooker added: “I love this!”


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