Ohio Ebola Scare Leads To School Closures

At least two schools in Ohio cancelled classes today due to growing concerns about Ebola in the area.

MSN reports that Solon Middle School and Parkside Elementary School were closed on Thursday as a precautionary measure. In an email to parents, the school said that the decision to close was made because a school staff member reportedly flew on the Frontier Airlines plane that carried Amber Joy Vinson.

The staff member is not showing any signs of Ebola. Still, the school district has decided to keep the staff member away from the school for 21 days. The schools will also be disinfected.

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said that all 132 passengers who flew with Vinson, who treated Ebola patient Tim Duncan, were contacted after the flight. Frieden added that there was an “extremely low” risk that anyone on the plane contracted Ebolal from Vinson.

The school writes in the email: “These extraordinary actions went beyond CDC recommendations. These steps were taken out of concern for the safety of our customers and employees. Steps such as removing the aircraft from service, removing aircraft seat covers and carpet and replacing environmental filters as well as placing the crew on paid leave were not requested nor mandated by the CDC.”

USA Today reports that three schools in Texas were also closed this week. Superintendent Susan Kincannon of the Belton Independent School District said that two students were on the same flight as Amber Joy Vinson.

Kokou Adzo

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