Obama Takes Public Walk, Talks To Strangers Like “Sup?”

President Obama takes walk

Regardless your views on politics, the ability to randomly meet the President is pretty cool.

President Obama decided to take a springtime walk through the streets of America, surprising everyone who walked near him, initiating nonchalant conversation with just about everyone.

No one wakes up thinking they will meet the President of the United States while going for a run. Reactions were varied from relaxed to near freaking out. While waiting to take a picture, one woman said, “Someone is going to like you’re, like, wax.” The 7-year-old and “4 and three-quarter’ year old will definitely be the most popular kids at their school for a bit.

The video was uploaded to The White House’s YouTube channel and has gained over 2 million views in two days.

Line of the video from Obama, “Stay loose, man.”

[Photo Credit: YouTube]

Kokou Adzo

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